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Spatial Analysis, Inc.
Project Support Project Support Flexible & Affordable GIS Services. How can we support your project?
Data Services & QA/QC Production, red-lining, database review. Boost the quality of your deliverable with independent QA/QC. Data Services & QA/QC
Custom Mapping Custom Mapping Publication Quality Mapping for your organization.
Map Books Functional maps for your staff, to help locate your assets. Map Books
Marketing Assistance Marketing Assistance Teaming, responding to RFPs, client interviews....


SAI specializes in providing experienced desktop geospatial services for any organization that needs GIS services without the additional overhead of hiring new staff. SAI helps businesses and government organizations avoid hiring for short-term needs such as staff turnover, leave of absence, unanticipated production demands, and much more.

SAI provides experienced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expertise that creates a final product you can use with confidence. We work directly with clients to support analysis and decision making, and we create maps that communicate your message. We support private and public sector professionals such as engineers, scientist, urban planners, marketing professionals, and business owners.

*Spatial Analysis, Inc does not provide any GIS services that fall within the definition of land surveying for North Carolina as described in G.S. 89C-3(7). No work performed is of the nature described in N.C.G.S. § 55B-2-6 definitions for state licensed professional services.